Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Creating the Perfect Pie

Everyone loves apple pie. I am no different. And for years I've been trying to created the perfect recipe for apple pie.

It all starts with the crust. I like a thick bottom crust and a flaky upper crust for my apple pie. Start with the basics: flour and butter. I also add a little bit of cinnamon and sugar. And bourbon for binding, instead of water.

I cut my apples super thin and soak them in 7UP and more bourbon. Put them in the pie shell, layering, and sprinkling each layer with cinnamon and flour (the flour turns the juices into a thicker sauce).

Add the top crust and cut & decorate. Bake at low temp (about 350 degrees) for an hour. Add thick vanilla ice cream to warm pie. Enjoy.

Anyone want to come over this weekend & help me eat pie?

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