Sunday, November 27, 2011

I've decided to start a food blog

I'm not really sure if anyone is going to follow it (other than my wonderful boyfriend) but I'm doing it. Mainly because 1) it will keep me occupied, and 2) starting a blog was on my 2011 to do list and 2011 is almost over.

My kitchen is my favorite room in my apartment. I'm never without a full fridge and I have more cookbooks than I could ever cook through. Despite all of my cookbooks, I like throwing together random ingredients and creating new recipes. I view recipes as guidelines from which new and exciting things can be created by substituting and adding and changing the details. I intend to post photos and "recipes" for my creations... even if they're disgusting. I'm more than happy to take suggestions as well (if I get any readers). I believe that you can take any combination of pork, potato, and cabbage and throw it together and it will be delicious. I understand the importance of eating healthy but I like a hearty meal at the end of the day. I'm big on comfort food. I'll try anything twice; if I don't like it the first time, I figure maybe I did it wrong so I'll try it again. I always burn chocolate chip cookies but manage to perfect the intricate little Danish almond ring cookies. Sometimes I like to pretend I'm on Iron Chef and pick a random ingredient and see what I can do with it. This is how I figured out I don't like fennel. I also love random kitchen gadgets. I'm working on my plating techniques. I have a huge girl crush on Giada de Laurentis from the Food Network.

I'm 24 years old, from Madison, Wisconsin. I work for the state legislature. I'm also in the National Guard. And I work at New York & Company at the mall. Other than cooking and three jobs, my hobbies & interests include my cat (Tucker), shoes, bar trivia, reading, scrapbooking, Packers football, being Maid of Honor for two of my best friends, and anything Wisconsin Badgers. I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up.

Today, I had mac & cheese for lunch and Target-brand golden Oreo's for dinner. This is not typical. No photo or recipe for this entry but I do have a couple from Thanksgiving dinner that I plan on posting soon.

Sara Mae

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