Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Dinner for Two

Since it was just two of us and my boyfriend doesn't really like turkey anyway, I decided to do something small and a little different... but still tradisional. Turkey breast, pounded thin, with the stuffing rolled up right inside. For the stuffing I used cut up, stale French bread, sauted yellow onion & celery, sage, thyme, salt & pepper, corriander, and parsley. If you actually read this, you'll find I use parsley in everything. I browned all the sides in butter on the stove then put the rolls in the oven to cook through. It stayed moist and it was delicious -- very flavorful. But I guess I didn't realize how huge a turkey breast is bc that was still enough to feed the two of us three meals each! I also did some butter whipped potatoes and canned corn (I wanted green beans almondine but Art apparently doesn't like green foods). And pumpkin pie for dessert! Only this year I didn't do it from a real pumpkin because of the travel & time constraints :-(

Overall, a successful Thanksgiving.

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